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Vicki C. - “I am very excited about my wellness experience. My blood pressure is back to normal and my blood sugar has decreased from 146 to 99. I feel so much better! I sleep all night now, which I haven't slept all night for years! I would experience pain daily before my Integrated Spine and Joint appointments. I am singing praises, and cannot thank Dr. Grindstaff and staff enough! I wake up thinking "what can I accomplish today?" Instead of wondering how to get thru the day! Thank you Dr. Grindstaff and staff!”


Shannon H. - “Since I began treatment my headaches and neck pain have decreased majorly. As a result, it has improved my sleeping so I can get a full night's sleep. Prior to treatment I would be up all night with neck pain and headaches. Treatment has also helped a lot with the muscle spasms in my left arm and shoulder. This has also allowed me to regain slight movement in my left arm and hand. Thank you Integrated Spine and Joint for all that you do and have done for me! Also, as a result of increased movement in my left arm, I have been accepted back into physical therapy.”


June L. -“I am so thankful for the doctor and staff at Integrated Spine and Joint! I enjoy life so much! I'm free of so much pain that I had one year ago. No one can say or write words to tell another how much better my old bones feel. I'm sure the treatments have added years to my life. My body responded quickly; I could feel it; I wanted more of it. I did not miss any appointments. Treatments are monthly now and I am eager to have them. I feel the need for them before the month is up. Treatments work! Take care of yourself! Try Integrated Spine and Joint ! It is worth every minute and every dollar!”


Erin R. - “I began treatment at Integrated Spine and Joint in January of 2011. I came to see Dr. Grindstaff because I had been suffering from back pain in the Upper, Middle, and Lower areas. Prior to my first visit, my pain was making it very hard to sit and sleep. I had pain every day after being awake for 2 hours my back pain would start.


After my first visit the upper back area started feeling better, it took a little bit longer for the middle back to feel better. I still have issues with my lower back, but not as often as it used to be. Some days are completely pain free, and some days I have some minor issues with it.


I would like to thank everyone at Integrated Spine and Joint for everything they have done for me.”


Karla G. -  “I began treatment at Integrated Spine and Joint in 2009. I came to see Dr. Grindstaff because I had been suffering with headaches and neck pain for several years. Prior to my first visit, my pain was interrupting my life nearly every day. I was in pain most of the time. Headaches plagued me 2 to 3 weeks a month. I was so uncertain of how I would be feeling that I began to not want to make plans to do any social activities with friends and family because I feared I would have to cancel.


I can now say, I feel pretty good most of the time. BIG IMPROVEMENT!! I am now coming in for adjustment and massage once a month and it is working pretty well. I hope and pray that I continue to progress and maintain a feeling of well-being.


Thank you, Integrated Spine and Joint, I am so much better for having you all in my life.”


Dan S. - “I started receiving care at Integrated Spine and Joint soon after the Sullivan office opened. It didn't take long to realize Dr. Grindstaff’s passion for excellence and her dedication to healing. The combination of disciplines and the commitment to collaboration at Integrated Spine and Joint brought about rapid healing from my chronic back pain and headaches. I also experienced greater overall wellness as I learned how to recognize my body's way of communicating my spiritual/emotional health. In listening to the observations of Integrated Spine and Joint's practitioners and studying their data I developed a very personal list of symptoms and their interpretations in my life. I then developed a list of responses. Some were dietary, some involved exercise and fitness, and some required meditation and relaxation. In time I became motivated and felt well enough to lose a significant amount of excess weight and build my muscle strength. By now I make visits to Integrated Spine and Joint to maintain good health and wellbeing and to correct occasional misalignments and injuries. I always enjoy my appointments at Integrated Spine and Joint because of the positive energy and service-oriented commitment to health and wellbeing exhibited by the whole team.”


John H. -  “I highly recommend Integrated Spine and Joint for any working person because of the high risk of injury in any occupation from office workers to construction workers or any person already suffering from aches and pains, even children. One doesn't have to had a previous injury, daily routines can cause misalignments in the back and neck causing tension and pain.


The employee's are very professional, friendly, caring, knowledgeable and empathic. I consider them as family, they're great!


I've had several jobs that, unknowing, was injuring my body until the pain became serious and started controlling the things I could and couldn't do anymore. Even my posture was showing the effects.


Over the years I have studied several healing arts to help control the pain such as Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touching, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Energy Medicine, Tapping, The Energetic Anatomy and Reiki, however when one has a busy life, it's hard to stop and gain enough focus and energy to get the results that are desired. Sometimes you just need the physical touch and manipulation to get the relief needed and to get everything back where it belongs. Dr. Grindstaff and Integrated Spine and Joint can certainly do that, give them a call today before your pain gets any worse, you'll be glad you did.”


Stephen S. -  “Hi, my story goes something like this. About fifteen years ago I suffered from whiplash on the job. I had been exposed to chiropractic care all my life, but only on the occasion when I felt I "needed an adjustment".


The outcome of the adjustment on my neck was; my blood pressure when down, my prostate cleared up, my double vision was gone, and my headaches (a major) were all remedied. I was taking as many as 6-8 Tylenol a day to function. I began to drink a lot of water and tried to get sufficient sleep. Now only on a rare occasion will I take a Tylenol to make me feel better. My overall health was improved.


Now if I feel a flu or viral symptom coming, even strep throat, ear ache, stiffness, nausea, any ill health, I look for a chiropractor. I feel a person should be treated on a regular basis. Once a person knows what it feels like to feel good, the decision isn't hard as to how often you need an adjustment, you will know. Through the years, the staff in the little clinic in downtown Odon, (now Integrated Spine and Joint) has come to my rescue many times, for which I say, thank you.


"My spine's in line and I'm feeling fine"


Justin C. - “When I first came here, the pain was so bad I could barely stand it. It didn't take long before I was almost 100% pain free. Now that I am pain free, I realize I should have started coming here sooner.”


Bob B. -  “A little over a year ago the pain in my hip became so severe that at times I couldn't hardly walk. This was due to a few things: 1) Broken bone in my back, 2) My line of work, 3) A total of 8 bone marrow taps over the last 11 years. However, thanks to the staff and treatment I have received at Integrated Spine and Joint, my quality of life has improved greatly!


Thanks again for all your help!”


Rachel H. - “For months my neck had hurt and I had headaches. I was diagnosed with MS, a tumor and cancer -too many "diseases" to mention. I saw so many doctors it was pathetic. After four months and all tests coming back negative, I ran into a doctor who suggested I see a chiropractor. I called Integrated Spine and Joint and talked with Beth, she got me in immediately. When I received my first adjustment I started crying and told them everything I had been through and you "adjust" my neck and the pain goes away. I still have pain or soreness sometimes but now I know when it's coming on and I call and they get me right in. I can't put to words what this office has done for me, not only in helping me manage my pain but in dealing with the emotional state I was in at the beginning. They are like my "extended" family. I am so glad I made that call.”


Mary M. - “Let me introduce myself. I'm a 68 year old woman who likes to be active most of the time. Last summer as the days went by I was having a difficult time walking with friends because of pain in my back and shoulders (thought maybe it was about time for the rocking chair). I talked to my husband and asked about going to someone to get some help: doctor, chiropractor, or someone; thinking something could be done to relieve the pain. Well I had heard about Integrated Spine and Joint, so I picked up the phone and made an appointment.


After my personal assessment, the treatments began. It took a few treatments but in a short time I was feeling so much better. I even felt taller. Now after a few months I can walk with my friends (3 miles a day, Monday-Friday), weather permitting, pain free. What a blessing. Dr. Grindstaff and his staff are wonderful. I would recommend to anyone with pain or health problems to make that phone call. Don't suffer with pain if it isn't necessary. I believe it was one of the most productive choices I ever made. The staff at Integrated Spine and Joint was so kind and understanding, they make you feel very comfortable, like someone really cares what is happening to you. This is from a mature lady that is not ready for the rocking chair.”


Wanda D. - “When you're not able to do the things you need to do, what are you willing to do to fix it? That is where I was earlier this year. I made a decision that after having tried all other means available with little to no success. I took advantage of the free consult offered by Integrated Spine and Joint."


I was experiencing difficulty walking and suffering neck, shoulder and back pain because of being seated behind a desk for 25 years and an automobile accident that happened years ago.


Dr. Grindstaff said that the ailments could be treated and those complaints would be reduced significantly, if not eliminated. What did I have to lose? I committed to a treatment schedule including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Foot De-Tox and Colorpuncture. Today, I believe it was the best health decision I have ever made.


The walking has improved dramatically. Six months ago, I would have never been able to paint. Since Labor Day, I've painted exterior garage doors, re-sealed a basement, painted ceilings and walls in 4 rooms of the house -a work in progress. By the way, I'll start receiving Social Security at full retirement age in just a few months. Ask me how I feel!


THANKS Integrated Spine and Joint!”

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